Aug 11, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 3

When attempting a task such as the one that will take place this Saturday, information is key. Yesterday, I rolled out some info on necessary items and suggested items. Today, I present the "map." I've been asked several times "where are we going?" Or, "What bars are we gonna stop at?" I've been holding back these answers until now. Look below at the chart for a glimpse of the path we will take this weekend.

Ashmont Ashmont Grill $$ Credit/Cash  12pm
Shawmut Centre Bar $ Credit/Cash  12:45pm
Fields Corner Blarney Stone $$ Credit/Cash  1:30pm
Savin Hill Savin Bar & Kitchen $$ Credit/Cash  2:15pm
Andrew Sports Connection $ Cash Only  3pm
Broadway Amrheins $$ Credit/Cash  3:45pm
South Station Tavern in the Square $$ Credit/Cash  4:30pm
Downtown Crossing J.J. Foley's $ Credit/Cash  5:15pm
Park Street Jm Curley $$ Credit/Cash  6pm
Charles MGH Beacon Hill Pub $ Cash Only  6:45pm
Kendall/MIT State Park $ Credit/Cash  7:30pm
Central Square The Field $ Cash Only  8:15pm
Harvard Square Felipe's Taqueria $ Credit/Cash  9pm
Porter Square Toad $ Credit/Cash  9:45pm
Davis Square Sligo Pub $ Cash Only  10:30pm

All price points are based off the Yelp pricing scale. You can see that the plan is to be cost-efficient while imbibing. Take note of the the "Bar ETA." There is a pace and we will do our best to maintain it. But, fear not; no one will be left behind. In my clan, everyone makes it home in one piece.

Now that you have the itinerary and the schedule, begin your preparation!

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