Oct 7, 2009

Stage three: the walk from bus stop to school.

Pass through the residential area...

...Into and through the parking lot of TenSpa...

... Down American Legion Highway to school.

Dunkin' Donuts, a morning requirement...!
The bus is so full the driver has to turn people away!
This bus is much more lively than the first. Much noisier!

Boarded bus at 7:25, this is only the second stage of three on my trip. Not sure if I'll make it to work by 8!
Passing through Roslindale and into West Roxbury... There is enough light to see outside the bus now..

I thought the first bus was full, the second one is worse. A few kids have to wait for the next bus.
More HS students waiting for the bus...might not get a seat this time!
Made it to Forest Hills, halfway to school...

A cop stopped me and asked me why I was taking this picture.
The bus was pretty full, but no one sat next to me... Odd.
There are a lot of HS students on the bus but the ride, so far, has been very quite.

The girl sitting two rows in front of me is listening to Biggie Smalls... I can tell because I can hear her music despite her headphones...!
It's rainy today. Usually means slower service, but so far I'm making good time.
Got to bus stop at 6:38... Bus arrived at 6:45, not bad!
I'm traveling from Dorchester West Roxbury. It's about 5 or 6 miles away. A 15-20 minute trip by car, but I'm on the bus.
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