Aug 15, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 7

Things over heard at bars:

"They're doing a red line bar crawl, with a game that is awesome!"
- bartender at Davin Bar + Kitchen

"I can sing that shit a Capella!"
- FreakyBalloon

Epic Challenge pt 6

Third stop, Blarney Stone. People grabbed food. We're almost done with the southern portion of the crawl...

Epic Challenge pt 5

The med kit.

Aug 13, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 4

Final day of reveals leading up to Saturday. I present to you, the official rules and penalties for the Epic Challenge.

Epic Challenge Rules

  1. Everyone buys their own round.
  2. Minimum one round per bar.
  3. No refusals (unless intoxicated).
  4. A unanimous decision will allow for up to two bars skipped (one south of DTX, one north of DTX).
  5. Cannot start drinking until everyone has been served.

Epic Challenge Penalties
Penalties are in Crawl Reputation points

  1. Refusing a round when not intoxicated  (500 pts)
  2. Not finishing a round before group leaves bar (250 pts)
  3. Spilling a drink (100 pts)
  4. Starting to drink before everyone is served (250 pts)
  5. Falling down in public (500 pts)
  6. Falling asleep during the crawl (1000 pts)
  7. Vomiting (Game Over)

Reputation Points will be explained on Saturday, as will the final "Activity." Therefore, it is important to be on time. We will meet at 11:30am at Ashmont Station, across from where the buses depart. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Aug 11, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 3

When attempting a task such as the one that will take place this Saturday, information is key. Yesterday, I rolled out some info on necessary items and suggested items. Today, I present the "map." I've been asked several times "where are we going?" Or, "What bars are we gonna stop at?" I've been holding back these answers until now. Look below at the chart for a glimpse of the path we will take this weekend.

Ashmont Ashmont Grill $$ Credit/Cash  12pm
Shawmut Centre Bar $ Credit/Cash  12:45pm
Fields Corner Blarney Stone $$ Credit/Cash  1:30pm
Savin Hill Savin Bar & Kitchen $$ Credit/Cash  2:15pm
Andrew Sports Connection $ Cash Only  3pm
Broadway Amrheins $$ Credit/Cash  3:45pm
South Station Tavern in the Square $$ Credit/Cash  4:30pm
Downtown Crossing J.J. Foley's $ Credit/Cash  5:15pm
Park Street Jm Curley $$ Credit/Cash  6pm
Charles MGH Beacon Hill Pub $ Cash Only  6:45pm
Kendall/MIT State Park $ Credit/Cash  7:30pm
Central Square The Field $ Cash Only  8:15pm
Harvard Square Felipe's Taqueria $ Credit/Cash  9pm
Porter Square Toad $ Credit/Cash  9:45pm
Davis Square Sligo Pub $ Cash Only  10:30pm

All price points are based off the Yelp pricing scale. You can see that the plan is to be cost-efficient while imbibing. Take note of the the "Bar ETA." There is a pace and we will do our best to maintain it. But, fear not; no one will be left behind. In my clan, everyone makes it home in one piece.

Now that you have the itinerary and the schedule, begin your preparation!

Aug 10, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 2

I am five days away from my Epic Challenge and support for my task has been overwhelming. When I initially posted the event, there was an immediate response from my friends. Many said I was nuts to attempt something so outrageous. Others applauded my determination and pledged their aid to my cause. Because I appreciate those who have said they will crawl with me, I have decided to reward them with fun activities (besides imbibing) along the way. Those who come along with me have opportunities to earn Reputation, honor, and rewards. That being said, I want to make sure everyone who participates is ready and fully prepared to do so. Here is a list of some items you will need as well as some things to think about.

Necessary Items

  • MBTA Charlie Card - You can't get anywhere without a "ship." This is your means of travel. I suggest a Day Pass since it will cover you for the duration of the event and is fairly priced.
  • A valid form of Identification - Make sure you are able to play. Don't be the person who can't get in; that's just lame.
  • Funds - Call it cash, money, glimmer, whatever, you'll need to bring some along. Most places will accept credit/debit cards, but there are a few that do not. Plan accordingly.
Recommended Items
  • Restorative Drinks - There will be some basic supplies on hand, but it will be a good idea to carry something that will replenish electrolytes. It's a long day; you don't want to tap out early.
  • Comfy Shoes - There will be some walking involved.
  • An Open Mind - The Event will ask much of you. Prepare yourself to rise to the challenge. 
I am close enough now to see the Challenge unfolding in front of me and those who stand with me. I will share more details and advice as the days advance. I'm looking forward to sharing all that transpires this Saturday.