Apr 27, 2013


I'm trying to stretch. My fingers flex, my palm contorts for better grip. Forearm is sore, shoulder tight, must drop pen and shake out hand. My mind aches. My writing has atrophied. I've always thought of writing as a muscle, something to be used and worked out with regularity to maintain flexibility and strength.

I've spent years toning this muscle through active use and teaching others how to use their own muscle. I thought, for a while, that teaching others was enough of a workout to maintain my own levels of writing fitness. I was wrong. It's been almost a year since my last entry and in the time between much has happened. Perhaps too much. Suffice to say, there was plenty on which to comment which leaves me with no excuse for such a long absence. I'm putting myself in rehab, writing rehab. Bear with me as I work my way back to full strength. The skill is present, I just need to work on my endurance.