Jun 17, 2010

"on second thought, I don't think I know him!" He shouts as the bus pulls off. Man, I love the T!
The rest of the bus erupts. "Don't do it!" Someone shouts. "You better run!" Shouts another. The man stammers as he exits the bus. Once off the bus he recovers.
"do you work with Jim C****?" She asks the man. He pauses, "I do..." he replies. "Can you tell him his baby-momma is looking for him?"
Two incidents in one day, MBTA, why are you so good to me? The previous stop: a man in a work uniform standing to get off the bus is questioned by a woman.
I wish I was making this up. Only on public transit would a guy, covered in pee, try to sneak on a bus using the front door. One more reason why I love the T.
The bus is packed so, needless to say, he bumped into a woman standing near the driver. She freaks out and starting screaming "that's urine! That's disgusting!"
I'm currently riding the bus home and at a previous stop, a man got on the bus and tried to slip past the driver. He was soaked, waist-down, in urine and reeked.