Aug 27, 2009

New Banner Story... Last week

I had a story in the Bay State Banner last week. Would have made mention of it, but I was at a family reunion and was making an effort to not turn my computer on. The Red Sox talks and Fenway Challenge made for a decent photo op and quick wrap up. The link is on the right.

There will be photos from the reunion and some extra on the Red Sox Talks soon enough.

Aug 14, 2009

Peace Boston Hip Hop Festival

This was the first story I did for the Banner when they began to republish. I liked it, something with some pop to come back with. I'm not the biggest fan of festivals like these because often the talent that takes the stage before the main event isn't that great or the headlining act doesn't even show up. That happened with Bow Wow earlier this year at Chez Vous skating rink.

However, unlike that debacle, the Peace Boston Hip Hop Festival not only showcased great local talent the headline act, 80s rap group Whodini, showed up early and did an extended set. I took a bunch of pictures and some video of the acts, many of which are posted in the following entries. Check out the local talent. People say that Boston doesn't have much to offer in the way of hip hop but I think that seriously underestimates the city.

TOUCH 106.1 FM helped emcee the event. DJ OC worked the turntables between acts and Courtney Boston kept the crowd motivated as prepped for Whodini. Whether it was freestyle rhymes, joking with DJ OC about Boston sports or hyping up the audience Apparently everyone loves Courtney B.

Aug 13, 2009

New Banner Story

Check out this week's Banner to read my arts and entertainment story on Elan Trotman, an up and coming smooth jazz musician. He released an album earlier this year titled "This Time Around," which is a fusion of jazz, funk and R&B. As always, there is a link to the story on the right!

Aug 6, 2009

Human Behavior

Less than thirty minutes ago I witnessed human nature at it's most raw. While driving home across BU campus I pulled up to a stop light at St. Mary's and Mountfort. Two of my friends were in the car with me. Suddenly, my friend sitting next to me in the front seat grabbed my arm and exclaimed.
"Oh my God! That guy just picked his nose and ate it!"
I looked to my left. Sitting in a blue pick-up truck a white male, probably mid to late 40s, with brown thinning hair and thick glasses sat, had his right pinky buried two knuckles deep in his nose. He pulled the finger out, tipping it down and put it in his mouth.
"No!" I proclaimed. "He didn't just do that...!"
My friend in the front seat nodded her head. "He did!"
"What's going on?" My friend in the back seat asked? I nodded towards the truck.
"He's picking his nose and eating it," I said.
At that moment, the man jammed his pinky back into his nose, swirled it around, pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth. Everyone in my car howled in shock, disgust and disbelief.
"I think I'm gonna vomit!" My friend in the rear shrieked.
"No way! That just happened!" I roared. my friend in the front seat just laughed and giggled, saying "No way! No way!" Her shoulders shaking the entire time.
I looked away laughing and shaking my head. The light, still red, would not change. Finally, the light turned green and I sped away. What people do when they don't think others are watching will never cease to amaze me.


Whodini member, Ecstasy hypes up the crowd during their set at the 2009 Peace Boston Hip Hop Festival.

Moe Pope

Moe Pope sings "Danger, Danger," off his album of the same name at the 2009 Peace Boston Hip Hop Festival. Together with producer, Headnodic, Pope forms the rap group Megaphone.

New Banner Story

You read that correctly, the Banner is back. And I have a story in the re-up issue. The 2009 Peace Boston Hip Hop Festival was held at the Strand Theater last weekend. Check out the link under Banner stories. I tons of pictures and some video so look out for the extra content to come shortly.

Aug 5, 2009


East Boston born rapper M-Dot performs during the 2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival. His song "Hush, hush" highlights Boston's neighborhoods and what makes them great.

Boston Tap Co.

The Boston Tap Co. was one of the better opening acts. Tap dance has been pigeon-holed into the "Broadway-Showtunes" are of performance so it was cool to see the dance style brought into the world of hip-hop. "We dance and tap to different music that shows people tap is more than what you see on Broadway," said Sean Fielder, founder and director of The Boston Tap Co.

Hip-hop dance is cool, and there were several groups at the festival that were all talented, but to see tap dance showcased was especially interesting. After their performance, the group took a picture with Mayor Thomas Menino.

Shaquan Reed of the Boston Tap showcases his skills at the 2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival

Later, the entire ensemble would create staccato rhythms with their feet, showing what each member could do.

2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival - Royal Fam Krumpers

The Royal Fam Krumpers opened the show with some fantastic dancing. Krumping is one of those dances that can make you look really stupid. But if you have some skill it's amazing to watch. What I liked most about Royal Fam is that they use krumping as an expression of their faith. The group started at Jubilee Church, and right before their performance they prayed as a group. It's hard not to appreciate young people who remain grounded in their faith amidst all the temptions offered these days.

I also liked that there was nothing scripted about their performance. They went on stage. The music started. They began to dance. Very simple, yet each of the dancer's movements were precise and purposeful. They were the perfect group to start the festival because of their high-energy moves and music. The crowd, which was rowdy and not really paying attention, quickly got into their moves and fed off their energy.

Daniel Grant krumps to open the 2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival.