Apr 16, 2009


So, I currently find myself at the end of an oak wood bar, hunkered over sliders and a Guinness stout. "When Doves Cry," by Prince is pumped in via some hidden radio and sound system and the Bruins playoff game is about to start on a flatscreen TV hanging in the corner on my left.

Craig, a tall gentleman with a neatly trimmed brown-hair beard works a draft pump to coax the last bit of Samuel Adams seasonal beer out of its keg. I watch with a sense of awe. I'm in the BU Pub working on my knighthood.

Knighthood is a challenge born out of the fact that the BU Pub is located in basement of a building affectionately known at the "Castle" around campus. The challenge, or quest as it's called by Craig and his fellow bartenders, tasks a person to drink 50 beers. You have as long as you require to complete the quest.

The beers run the gamut from bar standards like Coors Light to the exotic such as the Belgian Chimay Blue. Prices also vary from $3 to $10.

I've sampled seven so far. I did some calculations: If I want to complete the quest by the end if the semester I need to drink 3.5 beers a day, not including Sundays. I'm up to the challenge.

A White Snake song is playing now, the one that starts "Here I go again on my own..." The Bruins and the Habs have 15 minutes left in the first period. My Guinness stout is empty.

Craig nods in my direction. I ask him for a Wachusett Blueberry, the next beer on my quest. It's gonna be an interesting end of the semester.

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  1. Great story! The BU Pub is obviously more colorful than the pub at our Alma Mater. The concept of "knighthood" is genious! Not only does it encourage students to develop a taste for a variety of beer, it allows for macho bragging rights.