Jul 6, 2010

UMass-Boston Piece

I wrote a story about student athletes at UMass-Boston back in April. They just published it, this past month. The link can be found under the "Freelance Writing section." This is one of the interesting aspects of freelance writing. Often, you write something and send it to your editor and hear nothing. Your story disappears into that ethereal space in an inbox stuck between a staff meeting reminder and the follow up email from that guy in the Chancellor's office that he's been meaning to get back to... Well, they sent me a check so I guess I should have known they were going to use the story.

The story came out well. Much thanks to my ex-KDH writer/editor (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). A funny side note about the story: I called the entire suite of coaches and UMass-Boston athletic department officials. One of the few who picked up the phone was the coach of the now-defunct sailing program. We had a short, terse conversation in which he explained how his program was being shut down due to a lack of funding. He also intoned that if certain other officials in the athletic dept. were to cut back on what he called "unnecessary expenses" perhaps the sailing team would still be around.

It was incredibly awkward!

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