Mar 7, 2012

Paintball or, Battle for Dummies

I went paintballing over the the weekend. It was the activity of choice by one of my cousins for her birthday. She sent out a text message a few days ahead of the event.

"Hey! Finalized Bday plan: this Sunday, we are going paintballing!  They say to wear long sleeves, long pants, stuff you can move in and can get dirty. FYI: getting hit does hurt, but it's all in fun so hopefully we will all be ok! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and also that you've received this. Thanks and see you soon!!!"

The calm before the Storm...
When I received the text message, I laughed. The fact that she said getting hit hurts was clue enough about who would be attending this affair.

Some highlights:
- My cousin (the older sister of the birthday girl) saying "Gotcha, bitch!" after shooting an opponent.
-  One of the birthday girl's friends unloading several shots at close range into the facemask and head of an opponent even after he called himself out.
- Me shouting curses at a teammate for taking me out with "friendly fire."
- The birthday girl cowering in a corner, eyes wide behind her facemask, clutching her gun, saying repeatedly "is it okay? Is it okay?"

The aftermath: beaten down and battle-scarred
Suffice to say, we were generally outclassed in terms of equipment, paintballs and fervor for the sport. The photos do a great job of telling our tale. We spent three hours at the place and played two games. Then we went to On the Border for dinner.

I enjoyed the experience even though it was much more intense than the other times I played paintball. I've come to realize that, if I had the time and capital, paintball would be an activity I could really get into. That being said, if I don't play again I'll be okay with that.

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    Great post! Jealous I was not there with you all!