May 14, 2013

Constrained Writing

Sentences without verbs, impossible, right? Maybe not. So far, not one in this post. Yet, comprehension. How? Easy, language as a vehicle of knowledge. Clear meaning almost lyric in form just not convenient. Why? Good question. Michel Dansel, a French Doctor of Letters, an intelligent man. His passion against verbs, those "invaders, dictators, usurpers of our literature," notable especially in Le Train de Nulle Part, by Dansel, a book without verbs.

This type of writing, Constrained Writing, pure in format without the clutter of verbs. Dansel's belief, the clearest kind of writing. My opinion, not so much. Lyrical and poetic quality? Yes. Interesting thought exercise, of course. Useful? No, not beyond academically. A quotation from my friend, Veronica: "Verbs... So great! A post without verbs, not easy, nay, near impossible. Only nouns and adjectives, no spice without verbs!"

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