Jul 11, 2014

Random Thoughts pt. 7 - Sports Edition

Writing has a way of becoming a circular process that eventually spawns itself. Since the creation of the newsletter, which required me to write and edit several stories, I've found myself thinking in terms of ideas and topics for this blog. Unfortunately, I'm rusty and often find myself left with half-formed ideas that aren't robust enough to support their own post. Here are a few sports-related thoughts.

Lebron James is being a Jerk
I don't necessarily agree with that statement but it makes a great headline. However, I do feel that the way he is dragging his feet on making a decision about where he wants to play basketball next season is reminiscent of a "Decision" he made a few years ago. Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony have effectively ground the NBA free agency period to a halt by taking their time and putting off what appears to be an obvious verdict. Now, I don't have a dog in this fight. I couldn't care less where James or Melo go, but the Red Sox are so garbage they are almost impossible to watch and with the World Cup coming to an end soon I need something to occupy the next few weeks of my sports consciousness because I can't justify following NFL updates in July. I just can't. So, someone announce something already so I have something to discuss the next time I hit my favorite watering hole.

World Cup Fever
I'm a sports fan which means I can get excited about damn near any type of sport (even NASCAR, it's a white-knuckle thrill ride). As Team USA advanced through the "Group of Death" I was all in, shouting and chanting with the best of them (can we all agree that Michal Bradley just had a bad Cup showing?) Even when they limped into the elimination round, I cheered, "I believe that we will win!" Then we lost and I must admit I was crestfallen. I was fairly certain that I was done watching the World Cup. Thankfully, I have great friends who are soccer aficionados who challenged me to keep watching because the game is beautiful. I did. They were right. Watching Costa Rica advance over Greece on penalty kicks was awesome. Then, I watched Germany beat Brazil like they stole something and that was awesome as well but in a different way, more on that below. Suffice to say, I'm becoming a fan and I like it.

Brazil vs Germany
I just wanted to share some of the commentary I've had and seen on Facebook and Twitter about the Brazil-Germany game. Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Enjoy!

"Germany is playing FIFA '14 against Brazil on semi-pro!" -Facebook
"I'm waiting for Brazil to rage-quit..." -Twitter
"Paris St, Germain paid 46mil for David Luiz pre World Cup... hope they kept their receipt." -Facebook
"How many goals did Germany score? A Brazillion!" -Twitter
"How do u make a Brazilian cry? Score 5 goals in 5 mins." -Twitter

On a serious note, I read that the German team now requires a police escort for safety. However, German authorities aren't really concerned since it takes Brazil 90 minutes to mount any type of offense.

My thoughts, randomized for your reading pleasure.

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