Apr 4, 2012

Tales from the Service Counter pt. 4


Last Sunday, I cut myself. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would.

While cutting a special order for a customer, I poked my left palm, just under the pinkie, with the tip of the knife. The sudden shock made me jerk my hand away and stretch it to combat the pain. As I did that, my skin popped and split.
No longer a bloody mess

The laceration didn't seem too deep until I cleaned it under some running water. I was able to see that I had cut all the way through the various layers of skin on my palm to expose some of the muscle beneath.

Lidocaine numbs my hand

I wrapped the cut with paper towels and tape to keep it from bleeding everywhere while I drove myself to the emergency room. Once there, I was informed that I would need stitches to close the wound.

Six stitches

The MD worked deftly on my hand, first applying lidocaine, a local anesthetic which made the side of my palm feel like I had fallen asleep on it. Next, he cleaned the area with water and what I think was iodine. Then, he began the process of stitching my skin closed. It felt like an odd pressure on my palm as he pulled the thread through the gash, sowing it closed. Towards the end of the stitching, it began to hurt as he poked the needle through skin that wasn't numb.

All patched up
The area was cleaned again and wrapped in a enough white gauze to form a pseudo boxing glove over my left hand.

I drove myself back to work and finished my shift.

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