Apr 7, 2012

Things I like to read

I'm an avid reader. So much so, that I find it odd when someone I meet tells me that aren't into reading, or they'd rather wait for the movie to come out than read the book (something I hear from my students more and more often). Along those lines, I also enjoy sharing things I've read or found online with friends and in return, hearing what they are reading or following and checking it out for myself.

This post is just a few things I've found and like and I hope you, dear reader, will enjoy them as much as me.

Blogs are everywhere. These days most sites have a blogging component and Wordpress and Blogger are only getting more popular. I've already talked about some blogs I really like, both of which are run by friends. Sadly,  a few of those blogs have expired due to mental fatigue. Luckily, I've found some other blogs that I like and follow with enough regularity to consider signing up for email updates.

Complex Realities - Written by one of my former students, this blog is an homage to the power of words and the written form. The blogger uses the space to present her poetry, prose and general outlook on life. I like the pleasant mixture of emotions within some of the posts, though, I hope it fictional, art for art's sake, instead of art reflecting her life. All in all it's a great read. It allows me to stay in touch with one of my students even after our time together is completed.

Annals of the Southfarthing - This is a travel blog depicting the adventure a former co-worker went on in New Zealand. His trip has ended but I find myself going back over the various entries that discuss his travels and living them vicariously. The blog uses photos and video superbly to tell the story and it's just a treat to read about what he saw and did.

My friend told me that there is much more of his adventure to tell and there will be new posts and updates added to the blog. Very exciting!

Recently, I've taken to listening to books on tape. I do a fair amount of driving between my jobs and as much as a I love sports talk radio, there is something wholly entertaining about having a book read to you. It reminds me of kindergarten when my teacher would read to the class. I think it's just fun. Specifically, I've been going through the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. At the suggestions of my friend, Eric, I downloaded the first three books to my phone, listened to them and haven't looked back. They are a quick listen and an enjoyable way to kill a 25-minute drive. If you like fantasy books, check these out.

I'm always up for a good read. If you, dear reader, have come across something cool, let me know. I'll do the same for you.

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