Jun 25, 2015

Here we Go

I enjoy writing, I really do. This blog has been a showcase of my love for prose in one form or another for quite some time, even if my updates have been sporadic of late. In the last two weeks I've had several interesting encounters. I had a conversation with my uncle wherein he asked me if  I was still writing. I said I was "on a break" as if I had been writing a ton and needed to cool off. Later that same week, I received and email from a complete stranger. Her message was simple. "How do I get updates of new posts of your blog?" My answer was appropriately vague, like I had something to hide when really I just didn't have a great answer for her question. A few years ago, I wrote a message to my father and published it on this blog. I noticed, this past Father's Day, that my father had framed that post and set it on display in the house. I took it as a sign. 

I'm working on being less sporadic. New content everyday, except Sunday. This counts. It will be the (one... two...) second time I've attempted something of this magnitude. It worked out pretty well before, so I am hopeful this time. So, here we go... again. Thanks for baring with me.

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