Jun 30, 2015

Random Thoughts pt. 8

Not every idea is worth a blog post. For a myriad of reasons, some ideas just don't have the fortitude to stand on their own. It's not always their fault; sometimes I don't give them the space in my head needed to grow fully. I like having a theme in my random thoughts; doing so imposes some sort of organization, a starting point, if you will. Not today. I think the lack of theme is reflective of how scattered my thoughts are of late. Here are some of the better ones to dance across my cognitive stage.

My sister, the Lawyer
My sister becomes a lawyer officially.
Earlier this month, my sister was read and signed into the official books as a practicing lawyer in the state of Massachusetts. There was a ceremony and everything. I understand the pomp and circumstance of it all, and while an affair like this had the potential to be dull, the Master of Ceremony, Maura Doyle, kept things light and funny. All in all, it was cool to watch several years of hard work and determination pay off for my sister when she signed the book and made it official; I am the least educated person in my immediate family...

Life Changes
In other news, a childhood friend recently got married. The ceremony was beautiful. I hadn't seen this friend in several years, a product of growing up and growing apart, I suppose, but being there for his nuptials felt special because of all the good times we shared growing up. From sleepovers that were all-night video game sessions, to trying to decide which 90s action film was our favorite, we spent a lot of time together. We even had a "secret handshake" that came springing back like muscle memory when I saw him. Of all the games we played as kids, my favorite will always be "Ninjas." As adults, we share the occasional Facebook message, but it's obvious we're not as close as we used to be. Sure, that's a little disappointing, but I appreciate the fact that he invited me to be there on one of the most important days in his life and I wish him all the best as he begins this new chapter in his life.

Marriage =
Speaking of marriage, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling last week that fundamentally changed the way marriage is and will be viewed. I posted a link to the New York Times story on my Facebook page because, let's be honest, this is a huge f'ing deal. I can (and probably will) write a post about the actual decision as well as the dissenting remarks, but right now I want to push past that to the human level of ruling. A co-worker, on the day of the ruling, got married. He posted photos of the event on his Facebook page to not only commemorate the affair, but to also share it with his friends, many of whom were unaware of the sudden "Life Event." I found his posts to be deeply emotional and touching. Ask my friends and they will tell you I'm not the "sensitive" one (that would be Kris), but what struck me was only a few weeks after I watched my childhood friend make a commitment of love and responsibility to his now wife, I got to see the same commitment made between two people who feel the same way but until that morning were unable to express it in the same manner. Their moment was just as beautiful as my childhood friend's. Another friend of mine put it best as a reply to my original posting of the NY Times story, "it is kind of surreal when the world operated one way when you went to bed, and is totally different before lunch the next day." He's spot on.

Perhaps there is a theme after all, random or otherwise...

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