Aug 13, 2015

Epic Challenge pt 4

Final day of reveals leading up to Saturday. I present to you, the official rules and penalties for the Epic Challenge.

Epic Challenge Rules

  1. Everyone buys their own round.
  2. Minimum one round per bar.
  3. No refusals (unless intoxicated).
  4. A unanimous decision will allow for up to two bars skipped (one south of DTX, one north of DTX).
  5. Cannot start drinking until everyone has been served.

Epic Challenge Penalties
Penalties are in Crawl Reputation points

  1. Refusing a round when not intoxicated  (500 pts)
  2. Not finishing a round before group leaves bar (250 pts)
  3. Spilling a drink (100 pts)
  4. Starting to drink before everyone is served (250 pts)
  5. Falling down in public (500 pts)
  6. Falling asleep during the crawl (1000 pts)
  7. Vomiting (Game Over)

Reputation Points will be explained on Saturday, as will the final "Activity." Therefore, it is important to be on time. We will meet at 11:30am at Ashmont Station, across from where the buses depart. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

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  1. Man I like this page! You really put some work into it.