Jul 10, 2015

Epic Challenge

They say that life is not worth living without the challenges it presents that we must overcome. Maybe I read that somewhere, or maybe someone told it to me, but I think there is some truth to it. In meeting and surpassing these challenges, we test our strength of will, our resolve, and our ability to cope with unexpected obstacles. These things "build character," and I'm prepared to test mine with the help of my friends. That being said, here is the Challenge:
Click image for a larger view
 Thrillist's (a website you should familiarize yourself with) Boston division put out this MBTA map with a bar to go along with every stop, on all lines. Epic. Perhaps you've seen something similar, but on a smaller scale. Some have created portions of this map that only cover a few stops on one line. I call that a cop out and it will not stand. I have set in front me, this challenge, this path to (alcoholic) greatness. I have given myself until the end of the summer to complete the two main train lines, Red and Orange. I recognize that this feat is big. maybe even bigger than I can handle. To that end, I will enlist the help of my friends, you could call them my clan... While I am prepared to take on this trial on my own, it is my hope that my friends will join me because something like this benefits from company. There is not much better than the camaraderie created in a shared pint. In the same spirit, dear reader, come with me on this journey. I will use the blog to update my progress, perhaps even live blog some of the event. Will I finish? Will I be joined in "battle"? Will it all just end up being a terrible disaster? Stay tuned to find out...!

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