May 31, 2009

MBTA pt. 2

Once again my faithfulness to the MBTA pays off. I don't ride the train as often as I used to so I don't see the rampant nonsense that takes place in it s cars. Tonight was an exception.

I spent most of yesterday at my friend’s house, working on Banner stories and the major project that she and I are spearheading. At 11:45 p.m. I dragged myself out of her apartment and over to the green line to catch one of the last trains home.

Normally, I drive to my friend's place but today I decided to give the car a rest and use public transportation. I'm glad I did.

At the Kenmore Square stop the train was filled with rowdy, loud, drunk people, many of whom were coming from the Dave Matthews Concert in Fenway Park. One gentleman, Jon "with no 'h'." boarded the train with a wooden stool painted green, surrounded by friends and fellow concert goers.

Jon was about 5'10, with the ruddy complexion of a long -time drinker. He wore faded blue jeans, a Red Sox cap, turned backwards, and had tattoo running along his right arm.

Upon boarding the train, he set the stool down in front of the train door across from me and proceeded to hold court. Topics ranged from how awesome the concert was to how a girl on t he previous train vomited on her boyfriend.

Once the train pulled out of the station Jon began to sing, entertaining those around him and enticing the m to sing with him. The first song, "ride it" by the Quad City DJs, was a natural choice since we were all on a train.

By Hynes Convention Center, Jo n was leading the crowd in "Rapper's Delight" prompting two girls from West Virginia to offer to take him back to WV with them.

At Arlington Jon was conducting a stirring rendition of "Living on a prayer." The two WV girls were enthralled. So much so that they both fell over as the train lurched. This prompted Jon to give up his stool to one of them.

By Park Street the songs had died down in favor of general yelling and commotion. As I exited the train, the WV girls were extolling the virtues of Jon's mother, by claiming her to be "the shit!"

Finally off the train, I turned back as I heard Jon s tart up "Bust a Move" by Young MC. The WV girls were dancing again. I just shook my head.

I love riding the MBTA.


  1. I was going to take the bus home from the hospital where I was up most of the day with my sister who is suffering from a severe allergic reaction. It took too long so I walked home. I think the T is interesting because it showcases the utter ridiculousness of social etiquette and human contact. The girl who vomited on her boyfriend though is quite priceless.

  2. Ah yes. Public transit. Just last week at the JFK stop at UMass I tried to swipe my trusty monthly pass. It said "See Agent." I thought to myself that I would absolutely not see the agent for various reasons. I tried several more times to scan the pass and got new error messages. Pass already used. Poppycock. I consulted the nearest MBTA agent who told me I was a "damn fool" for not following the directions the first time I used the pass. He said if I had been "too stupid to follow the directions" then I should not "expect any help from him." Thanks for the morality lesson you raging ass. Also, this happens often to me. Why do you love the MBTA so much Rick, WHY?
    -Seth Stair