Aug 5, 2009

Boston Tap Co.

The Boston Tap Co. was one of the better opening acts. Tap dance has been pigeon-holed into the "Broadway-Showtunes" are of performance so it was cool to see the dance style brought into the world of hip-hop. "We dance and tap to different music that shows people tap is more than what you see on Broadway," said Sean Fielder, founder and director of The Boston Tap Co.

Hip-hop dance is cool, and there were several groups at the festival that were all talented, but to see tap dance showcased was especially interesting. After their performance, the group took a picture with Mayor Thomas Menino.

Shaquan Reed of the Boston Tap showcases his skills at the 2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival

Later, the entire ensemble would create staccato rhythms with their feet, showing what each member could do.

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