Aug 6, 2009

Human Behavior

Less than thirty minutes ago I witnessed human nature at it's most raw. While driving home across BU campus I pulled up to a stop light at St. Mary's and Mountfort. Two of my friends were in the car with me. Suddenly, my friend sitting next to me in the front seat grabbed my arm and exclaimed.
"Oh my God! That guy just picked his nose and ate it!"
I looked to my left. Sitting in a blue pick-up truck a white male, probably mid to late 40s, with brown thinning hair and thick glasses sat, had his right pinky buried two knuckles deep in his nose. He pulled the finger out, tipping it down and put it in his mouth.
"No!" I proclaimed. "He didn't just do that...!"
My friend in the front seat nodded her head. "He did!"
"What's going on?" My friend in the back seat asked? I nodded towards the truck.
"He's picking his nose and eating it," I said.
At that moment, the man jammed his pinky back into his nose, swirled it around, pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth. Everyone in my car howled in shock, disgust and disbelief.
"I think I'm gonna vomit!" My friend in the rear shrieked.
"No way! That just happened!" I roared. my friend in the front seat just laughed and giggled, saying "No way! No way!" Her shoulders shaking the entire time.
I looked away laughing and shaking my head. The light, still red, would not change. Finally, the light turned green and I sped away. What people do when they don't think others are watching will never cease to amaze me.

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