Aug 5, 2009

2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival - Royal Fam Krumpers

The Royal Fam Krumpers opened the show with some fantastic dancing. Krumping is one of those dances that can make you look really stupid. But if you have some skill it's amazing to watch. What I liked most about Royal Fam is that they use krumping as an expression of their faith. The group started at Jubilee Church, and right before their performance they prayed as a group. It's hard not to appreciate young people who remain grounded in their faith amidst all the temptions offered these days.

I also liked that there was nothing scripted about their performance. They went on stage. The music started. They began to dance. Very simple, yet each of the dancer's movements were precise and purposeful. They were the perfect group to start the festival because of their high-energy moves and music. The crowd, which was rowdy and not really paying attention, quickly got into their moves and fed off their energy.

Daniel Grant krumps to open the 2009 Peace Hip Hop Festival.

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