Feb 23, 2012

Potpourri for $1000, Rick

Another mash-up for you. A few events and other things worth mention, but not a full post. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

D-League basketball
This guy was having too much fun!
I went to a Developmental League game a few weeks ago with my buddy, Eric. The company he works for is a sponsoring partner of the Mavs team, the Texas Legends. Since they were are a sponsor, we watched the game from a box suite, had complimentary catered food and VIP parking. One of the guys we were with was even picked to participate in a halftime "name that tune" competition. The game was forgettable, but it was kind of cool to see Greg Ostertag attempt a comeback.

Best deal since the two hot dog combo!
AMC Movie Theaters
I went and saw Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance last weekend. The movie was "ehh." Admittedly darker than the first and more in line with the graphic novels but I've seen Nic Cage play the tweaking addict (The Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New Orleans) and I don't think making him a demon besides adds any more to the performance. However, what was really cool is that AMC now has a "smaller portion" combo. Sure, it's just a regular-sized popcorn for an adult and a medium (a real medium) drink. But, it's under $10 and is perfectly filling. I'm certain avid moviegoers, like myself, rejoice at this news!

No epilogue, just a sentence to close out the post.

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