Feb 25, 2012

Substitute Stories

The other day, while preparing to walk several students out to the afternoon bus, an interesting event took place.

As I watched my charges, I felt a tug in my shirtsleeve. I looked down, a small child, maybe in kindergarten or 1st grade, looked up at me. His eyes were wide, brimming with tears. He gazed up at me forlornly.

"Yes?" I asked, looking down at him.
"I can't f..f..find my jacket and my momma said th..th..that I would be in trouble if if if I don't come home with my jacket" he said. His lower lip began to tremble. Crying was eminent.

Suddenly, I was transported back in time twenty-four years. There I was as a six-year-old crying to my 1st grade teacher about another student who took my Bulls Starter jacket. I bonded with the child immediately.

"Hey, it's okay. We'll find your Bulls jacket. I'm sure it's here somewhere" I said, trying to soothe him.
"It's not a Bulls jacket," he sniffled.
"Oh, right, of course" I said.

Just then, another student walked up to us, dragging a jacket.

"Jeremiah I found your coat, it was in the pile" the second student said.

Jeremiah took his coat and walked away with the second student to line up for their bus.

Disaster averted.

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