Nov 9, 2009

Knighthood Part II

I'm back at the BU Pub. The oak wood bar is the same, but there are a few changes... The television shows pro football highlights and Steve, a tall, fair-haired bartender, serves me a Magic Hat #9. My friend, Ashleigh, steals a cheese-covered nacho chip from my plate. The Magic Hat is my fortieth beer of fifty on the Knight's Quest. The end is in sight.

Initially, I intended to finish my Knight's Quest during the Spring Semester. I was prepared to drink 3.5 beers a day to make it happen but events outside the realm of my control forced me to readjust my schedule. Not really an issue, because I'd rather go through the process of being knighted in the middle of the semester.

With ten beers left, at my current pace, I'll be done by next week. I'm looking forward to it. My program is only three semesters, not a lot of time on campus. Getting the Knight's Quest done in that time is an odd sense of accomplishment.

Stay tuned for the the Knighting ceremony...!

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