Nov 21, 2009

Tales from An Tua Nua

I worked at An Tua Nua tonight. I've been picking up shifts the past few Saturdays which has been pretty decent. Besides the fun of working at a bar, I was initially excited about working because I figured the place would generate plenty of writing content. It has finally come through for me.

After doing a quick walk-around I noticed that there were a lot of women in the club. This wouldn't raise an eyebrow, normally, but as I walked around the fact that there were a bunch of women all dancing with each other with a noticeable lack of men struck me as odd. Upon closer inspection I realized that there was a healthy amount of gay women in the club that night.

I had to laugh, because they ran the gamut of generalized gay stereotypes. There were two black gay women, both dressed like men. One wore dark blue jeans, a red shirt with matching hat and shoes. Her shirt was open and a she wore a white tank top. She also wore a red bra, which, as the night wore on, was shown more often. She danced all night, entertaining herself and her friends as well as those around her.

The other black gay women, wore dark jeans and a light blue t-shirt and matching hat. She sat in a corner booth and drank beer all night. I wouldn't have realized she was with the other gay women had it not been for the a third women who would, with regularity, grind on her. It reminded me of high school, when I would stand on the wall and wait for girls to come up and dance on me.

There was a "pixie" on the dance floor, she had short spikey hair and, despite being impressively thin, never left the dance floor. There was a young gay couple. interracial too. The black girl was small in statue and fairly cute. Her girlfriend was a heavyset white girl. They danced exclusively all night and then, with 20 minutes left, they started making out on the dance floor. The white girl was all over the black girl, it was a bit scary to watch, like rolling slowly by a car accident. They decided to make out right next to the place I stand so I couldn't move away.

As I watched everyone enjoying themselves that night, I realized that I might have been in the middle of a Guerrilla Gay Bar night. I learned this term about two weeks ago from Ashleigh, when she told me she and one of her other friends were going to participate in a Guerrilla Gay Bar at Tequila Rain. The premise is that one night a month gay people take over a straight bar and make it a jumping gay bar for the night.
I think it's an interesting idea. I like that the concept plays on the fact that as long as you are of age, you can get into a bar/club. We all love going out with our friends and it makes perfect sense that something like this can and would happen.

As it turned out, it was not a Guerrilla Gay Bar night. There were just a bunch of gay women out at An Tua Nua. I'm considering joining the email list so I can see one of these events first-hand. I wonder where they will be December 4th...

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