Nov 19, 2009

Ashleigh's Knighting

This evening I got out of class a little early and headed over to the BU Pub to celebrate Ashleigh's Knighting. Apparently, during the month of November she had been secretly doing a Knight's Quest. I'll assume, by now, you're aware of what the Knight's Quest is. If not, feel free to do some research! by the time I got to the Pub, most of her friends were gathered. It now was a matter of waiting for the proceedings to begin.
The thing about a Knighting is that you don't just come in and have it done. The process involves imbibing while you wait for the actual ceremony which requires more imbibing. I've been to two Knightings and each time I've underestimated the amount of drinking I've done and I'm not even being knighted. I guess it's a matter of just knowing that you're going to be very intoxicated by the end of the night. Each bartender working the night of your Knighting creates a specialty drink that you have to finish in the course of the evening. Below was one of the ones Ashleigh had to drink. As you can see it's obviously a mixture of light and dark beer, plus something else, which I think is grenadine raspberry vodka mix. As the evening went on, more alcohol was imbibed, and well, the photos tend to tell the tale...! We were OK as we began the evening... It's great taking pictures because you can see the deterioration over the course of the night. It also helps catalog the evening. There were several people present at Ashleigh's Knighting who had been Knighted previously, and all of them said that the memory of their Knighting got hazy the closer they got to the Knighting, itself. I'm not sure what happened prior to this photo to generate such poses, but it must have been hilarious. Eventually, the knighting ceremony takes place. By the time it happened Ashleigh was good and prepared to receive her name. For those gathered, the ceremony can be funny and slightly embarrassing. A list of names are read, and one is chosen by the bartender as the knight's name going forward. That name is later written down and, I believe etched into a plaque. below is footage from the knighting ceremony.
After all of that, Ashleigh was officially a Knight of the Pub. She thanked all of her friends for coming out by attempting to kiss and hug anyone who happened to wonder within five feet of her. Justin was especially excited about Ashleigh's method of gratitude. All in all it was a good time. I'm looking forward to my own knighting, which will probably take place two weeks from today. I have yet to schedule the event with the Pub, but seeing as I only have one beer left on my quest, it's pretty much a done deal. I can honestly say that I've enjoyed the two knighting events I've been to. As long as I'm prepared for the massive amount of alcohol I'll be ingesting that evening, I guess I'll be alright. Besides, you can't fake this kind of happiness and sense of accomplishment.

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