Sep 15, 2011

On teaching or The second time around

I feel like I've been suffering from deja vu recently. Around this time, last year, I met a high school student who needed help improving his writing so that he could apply to college. I wrote about it on my other blog.

Now, here I am again, working with  a high student on her college apps. Perhaps this is a chance to fully succeed where I fell short initially. Let me explain.

My first student had his heart set on Northeastern University. One of the programs in their various schools was the kind of field he wanted to go into as a career. However, NU was a bit of a "reach," according to his grades and test scores.

Despite this, I felt confident that with a great set of essays on his app he could turn heads and earn a spot in the program. He and I worked diligently together over the span of several weeks to perfect his essays. In the end, we both felt confident in his chances.

We finished our work and he submitted his app for the November deadline. Fast forward to January and I found out he was not accepted to NU, but had been accepted to his second choice, Suffolk University.

I was happy for him and excited at the idea that I had helped him get into college. Even with all of that, I was crestfallen because I promised him NU and he didn't get in.

My current student wants to to go to the University of Texas in Austin. I haven't been sold bold as to promise her I'll get her in, but I'm aware of the stakes, both for her and for me.

It's a second chance, a do-over. I intend to make the most of it for all our sakes.

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