Sep 18, 2011

Random Thoughts pt. 2

I'm watching the pregame interview of Michael Vick and I'm struck by how quickly success breeds forgiveness or forgetfulness. 

I think it's interesting that a little over two years ago, many people were shocked that the Eagles would take a flyer on Vick as a "backup." Despite the fact that he had paid his debt to society and was free to pursue employment, there was a huge outcry that any team would give him a shot. Never mind that when he played, he was prolific. Last year, Vick proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he not only can play at the highest level, but also that he is worth all the money the Eagles paid him.

Now, I have no issue with Vick. Among my friends, I've argued that there is no reason for Vick to be met with such enmity. He's done his time and now he's back playing football and earning a living. I have no issue with it.

However, I find it interesting that the same people who lambasted him as an evil person for what he did are now calling him a hero and acting like his crimes never happened because he has successfully come back to professional football. I don't have a problem with people changing their opinions about him, I just find it odd and somewhat annoying when those who have changed their minds act as if they never held an opposing thought. 

Come on, that behavior is just silly. Own your opinion, both of them. Even if they are opposing views. There's nothing wrong with that. 

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