Sep 9, 2011

Why I like Air Travel

Air travel has always boggled my mind. Ever since I was little, the idea of getting in a plane, sitting for a few hours, and exiting said plane in a different place has stirred a sense of wonder in me.
First, how the hell do those giant metal plane achieve liftoff? Don't worry, I understand how the physics of flight work. Doesn't mean it's not a marvel of engineering.
The thing about air travel that spins my head the most is taking a day trip somewhere. Yesterday, my aunt was in Texas for a meeting. She flew back home after the meeting was over. In the span of 16 hours she woke up at home, in a different state, caught a flight to Texas, sat in a meeting, and flew home.
That gets me every time.
Over the life of this post (drafting, editing, posting to blog) I have traveled from Texas to Chicago. What have you been doing for the last two hours?
Now that I'm in Chicago stay tuned for updates on the hijinks that are surely about to ensue...

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