Oct 22, 2011

The Mashup

From time to time, interesting things happen that I want to talk about but due to their nature they are not enough to make a complete blog post. I do my best to not short-change you, dear reader, so instead of a bunch of small, underdeveloped posts, I present "The Mashup." Here are a few things I've seen and done recently that seem kinda cool, interesting or funny...

Rick vs. The Car Accident
This morning I was witness to a car accident as I drove home from picking up my dry cleaning. I was cruising down the "feeder" road that runs along next to the Dallas Tollway when it happened. At this particular intersection, the road consists of three lanes, the left lane, closest to the highway, is a left turn only lane, the middle lane allows for left turns or to continue straight. The right lane is for right turns or continuing straight. I was in the right lane, intending to continue straight. Next to me in the middle lane was a red two-door car, some pseudo sporty model that was at least seven or eight years old. In the left  there was a third car. It was also red, a four-door model that looked no older than three years. I approached the intersection at the same time as the two-door in the middle lane. the four-door came through the intersection a few feet behind us, probably far enough to be in the blind spot of the two-door. 

Then things got wonky.

The aftermath looks worse than it really was.
The two-door began to make a left turn from its lane to cross under the highway. The four-door attempted to continue straight and merge into the middle lane as it crossed through the intersection. Physics informed both cars that they couldn't occupy the same space at the same time and a collision ensued. Mirrors and side panels clipped and the two-door skidded off to the right, while the driver of the four-door over-corrected and swerved into one of the support columns of the highway, smashing the front end of the car and involuntarily releasing the hood catch.

As I saw the accident developing I slowed to a crawl, watched it happen out of my driver side window, and slowly drove past it and pulled into the gas station at the corner of the intersection.Once it was established that everyone was OK, I drove home. Pretty crazy!

Rick vs. The Pansexual
While working a gig this past week I met a person who described themselves as a "pansexual." Click on the word for a definition, I know you're curious... Generally, those who refer to themselves as pansexuals do so because they "hate to be labeled," or some such other semantic BS. But, this one explained to me that physical attraction had little to do with her partners. That, she found someone's intellect, regardless of their sexual orientation, to be the largest factor in attractiveness. Later in the day when I mentioned that my conversation with her had been fantastic all day she agreed. I'm not sure where that leaves me...

Potpourri for $1000, Alex

This guy was close to 8ft tall!
Yesterday evening, I worked a gig at the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a party for the Texas Rangers baseball team. They are currently playing in the World Series and the event was to celebrate their win in the American League Championship Series over the Detroit Tigers. The guests had an entire section of the zoo cordoned off just for them. There was a was a concert, as well as live animals and people dressed up like this guy walking around posing for photos. I even saw Nolan Ryan, president of the Rangers, walk by. Due to over-scheduling, I almost had to go home but I was able to get in as a barback and spent most of the evening running alcohol, ice and mixers between the two bars in my section. Tough work, but at least I didn't waste a 45 minute drive out to Ft. Worth, like some of the people who were sent home.
It's getting close to All Hallows Eve around here, and folks have been putting out carved pumpkins in my neighborhood. My friend, Eric, has a few outside his door, all pretty cool, but one in particular caught my attention. He carved a partial Flying Elvis into one of the pumpkins to show his team spirit in the midst of Cowboy country. He told me he intended to do the full logo but lacked the tools for the intricacy of the detail. I thought it was great so I took a picture.

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