Oct 25, 2011

Story Time pt.2

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I was going down in the elevator to my office, it's in the basement, when the elevator began to make strange squealing noises as if it was straining to move. This didn't bother me at first because the elevator is old and is always making some kind of odd noise. However, this squealing was new and different and my gut told me that it should be checked out. So, I went back into the mechanical area and let myself in to do a quick check, expecting nothing to be out of order. I was walking back through the mechanical area and as I suspected, everything was fine. I got to the elevator room and just as I was about to turn and leave I heard the same squealing noise that I heard before when I was in the elevator. I turned and unlocked the elevator room door and opened it.

For some reason, it is always really hot in the elevator room. The heat hit me immediately and I began to perspire. It's also really dark. I could just make out the two steel cages that take up most of the small room. they separate the electrical and mechanical stuff from the path that leads through the room to the other side. There is also a smaller path that cuts between the cages so that a person can reach the circuit breakers and elevator controls, which are on the wall between the two cages. I stepped into the room and looked around for the noise. The further I went into the room, the hotter it got. At first, I couldn't hear anything except the hum of machinery so I turned to leave but then I heard it again, just a little way in front of me, the squealing, but this time followed by a clicking sound. I moved closer to the noises, which I could tell were coming from between the cages, but I couldn't see who or what was causing the racket.

"Hello? Is someone in here?" I called out. The squealing and the clicking stopped, but no one answered me. It was at this point that I realized I had stopped perspiring and was now sweating full out. I was also breathing hard. I stopped and took a few deep breaths to calm myself and then proceeded forward to the gap between the cages. I took out my cell phone and used the screen as a makeshift flashlight so I could see down the path. Looking down the path, I saw circuit breaker on the wall and the elevator controls beneath it. I couldn't see the entire set of elevator controls because something was blocking it. I thought it was a stepladder but then it moved and began tinkering with the elevator controls; it appeared to be hitting the elevator controls with a wrench. It hit the controls again and some sparks flew out of the control panel, lighting the area up. I screamed. I couldn't believe what I'd seen. I staggered back and tripped on the edge of one of the steel cages and fell. It reached out and pulled at the exposed elevator wiring, causing a stream of sparks to fly out, creating a flickering light that made the shadows dance in crazy patterns. It turned around and looked at me and I screamed again.

In front of me, standing no more than two and a half feet high, was a dark green scaly creature. It's eyes were a blazing red without pupils. It had no lips and many jagged teeth jutted out of its mouth in different directions. It's head was shaped like a cross between a human and a lizard, with broad flat features and two holes above its mouth where a nose would be. It tilted its head and looked at me almost intelligently and took a step forward, dropping the wrench it was holding. I tried to back away but the wall opposite the steel cages stopped me. It took a step towards me and opened its mouth to reveal rows of jagged, sharp teeth. Then it squealed and ran towards me. I freaked out and covered my face only to feel the creature jump on my chest and then over me and scurry towards the door.

In a daze, I scrambled to my feet and followed it but when I got to the door and opened it, there was no sign of the creature in the hallway. I checked all the exits from the mechanical area and there was nothing, no sign of passage, no footprints in the dust, nothing...

I locked up like usual that night and went home. Nothing else weird happened that night or the next day at work so I'm not sure what to think. I know what I saw, and I'm certain it was there, I mean, it jumped on my chest. I felt its weight. I drink occasionally, but never at work and I don't do any drugs. I'm not sure what to make of what happened so I'm writing it down. I doubt anyone would believe me if I told someone. I'd probably just end up in the psych ward. I'm not crazy.

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