Jul 14, 2015

Phreelancerz pt 3

Begin here, then read this.

Being revived sucks. Boston tells me it feels like coming up for air after being under water for so long that your lungs are about to burst. He says it almost burns. I never really understood Sunsinger warlocks. To me, it feels like being kicked in the chest repeatedly until you wake up screaming from pain which is always how I feel. This time is no different. There is a flash of blinding white light, and suddenly, I'm on my feet, coughing inside my helmet, and disoriented. I'm inside Zwazo's bubble. Safe.

"We gotta move. Now," Zwazo says to me. "Vex teleported in behind Fallen defense line. We never saw it." I nod.
"Must have been the bombardment and the mines that got me," I say. He just looks at me. No need to answer a rhetorical questions.
"Boston and Kittyy?" I ask. He points off the way we came in. They are crouched behind a cracked barrier firing in different directions at dregs and goblins.
"Heads up," Zwazo says. Two dregs leap inside the bubble, intent on knifing through us. We side step and let the bubble work to our advantage, blinding the dregs as they land. We each melee one of the dreg and watch them scatter into arc and void damage dust. Then we sprint out of the bubble towards Boston and Kittyy who have cleared our retreat path.

There isn't enough space for all of us to find cover behind the barrier. We need a new plan. They aren't saying anything, but everyone is waiting for me to give orders. Comes with being Clan Leader. My HUD begins to light up with enemy presence. My ghost tells me that more Vex are inbound along with Fallen. Not looking good.
"Where are reinforcements?" I ask no one in particular.
"Bailed," Zwazo answers. "Drop zone is too hot. They can't land safely" he finishes. I curse to myself.
"Ok, we're heading west. There is a bridge a few clicks that way, we can try to flank," I say. Boston and Kittyy just stare at me. I repeat myself, but get the same reaction. Boston taps the side of his helmet.
"...lo? Can you... ear me" He asks. I shake my head. My ghost says there is interference on the comms due to all the electricity in the air. Great. I point west then summon my Time Breaker speed bike. Everyone follows my lead and we jet off westbound towards the bridge.

We speed off through the outer edges of the abandoned settlement, bombed out buildings hulk and crumble on both sides, grim reminders of golden ages long past. Along the river, the Fallen and Vex exchange gunfire and explosions. If we can get to the bridge, we can flank all of them and push them back off the river. It's a gamble, but if it works, and we secure the area... My mind boggles at the potential strategic advantage.

We pull up to the bridge just in time to see a squad of Fallen get blown up by a group of Vex Hobgoblins and Minotaurs. This just keeps getting better. We ditch our speed bikes in a small grove of trees and make our way towards the bridge. As we move closer, it becomes obvious that the Vex are taking control of the area. Fallen bodies lay strewn about the streets. They threw tons of dregs at the Vex with no success. From our approach, I see vandals and captains attempting to retake the bridge, but instead, they are being pushed back, forced to retreat in our directions.

"The Fallen are trapped," I think out loud. Kittyy responds.
"We can cut them down, as they fall back." Comms must be working again.
"Yeah, ok, let's set up here," I say. "Heavy weapon volley, Kittyy, clean up the stragglers by sniping."

We get in to formation, Zwazo, Boston, and I crouch in front of Kittyy. When the vandals and captains come into range, we let loose. Lighting rounds from Thunderlord as well as Gjallarhorn and Truth rocket rounds seek their targets. No Fallen survive. We reload and advance towards the bridge. The Vex have taken notice of us and the Hobgoblins begin to fire, their single-shot Line Rifles gauging the distance. Boston takes a shot in the chest, cracking his shield. He laughs over the comm and takes a knee. We circle up to protect him while his shield regenerates and return fire. An old mantra pops into my head as I aim through my scope. Something we used to say when I was in training, To kill a Vex, the chest is best. It brings a smile to my face as squeeze the trigger and watch goblins shudder, twitch, then burst with a sizzling pop as my bullets pass through their central processor.

Boston is back on his feet and sprinting ahead, shotgun in hand. He makes quick work of the Hobgoblins who attempted to hide behind their energy shields. Kittyy lays down cover fire with her sniper rifle, keeping the Minotaurs from getting too close. Zwazo and mop up. It's over almost as soon as it starts. We reload, I check our coordinates and begin to setup an uplink so other Guardians can lock onto our signal and drop in on our location. It's just in time too. As soon as I finish, the air gets dim and there is an odd energy that causes interference with my HUD. It can only mean one thing. Vex are teleporting in.

"Incoming," Zwazo says. I look up and watch as a Vex Cyclops appears at the north end of the bridge surrounded by Goblins, and Minotaurs.
"Hydra and Harpies approaching from south," Kittyy says.
"Plan?" Boston asks me. I check the uplink and start to laugh. Everyone stares at me.
"Relax, guys, we've got help coming," I say.

On cue, as if dropping into the Crucible, Guardians appear and drop to the ground, locked, loaded, and ready. They take up defensive positions, each fireteam leader directing their crew. A lone Hunter drops in near me, salutes, and approaches. His name is Demonbreun, he's in the clan. He joines our comm channel.

"Greetings, Phreelancerz. Minding the small fry, are we?" He asks.
"Demon," I say. "Here to lend us a hand?"
"No, I've been put in charge of the bridge defense," he responds. "I also have a message from the Vanguard for you."
"Oh really?" I'm skeptical. These always involve retrieving something for them.
"Yeah, they need you to take your team to Venus. Skolas sighting."
"F@#$king Skolas," Zwazo spits. I know what he means. Demon presses on.
"Uplink with Petra from the Reef when you hit orbit. She has details. Good luck."

I nod and tell my ghost to bring us to our ships. No one has caught Skolas yet. It would be a major triumph for Phreelancerz Clan. Let's go to Venus.

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