Jul 9, 2015

Phreelancerz pt.1

The mission brief is always simple, go defeat this, or collect this material. This one was no different. The Vanguard requires tactical knowledge of the area near the river for strategic deployment...  Recon mission. As straightforward as it gets. You hardly ever listen to the end, it's always something about Reputation and glimmer. My ghost handles those details. There was something different about this brief, though. Hold and fortify position at river. Wait for reinforcement arrival at 22:30 hours Interesting. Scout and Control. I contact Ti Zwazo to see if he wants in on the mission. He's gearing up at the Tower. We link up in low orbit, then it's dropping in through the atmosphere, scanning for a space to park, and locking in the descent trajectory.

We're boots on the ground around 15:00 hours, plenty of time to trek to the river, scout out a spot and hold position before reinforcing Guardians arrive. After a quick gear check, we head off across an open plain, used to be some type of grassy common area.  We make it close to the river before we contact the enemy. Fallen have have setup a blockade. Squads of captains and vandals patrol the area around the river, making it impossible to recon without being seen. Neither of us have cloaking and we can't afford direct engagement; their forces are too strong.

Tactical retreat, nothing wrong with that. Zwazo and I move back to the open plain and set up an uplink with the Tower to appraise the Vanguard of the developing situation. We're told to sit tight and wait for reinforcement. Typical. My ghost informs me that some of the Fallen have moved away from the river and towards our location. Maybe we were spotted. The plain is too open, we need to find a better place to fight. My ghost says the Fallen are two minutes away. I look at Zwazo, he nods and points off to the southwest.

"Abandoned settlements that way," he says. "Probably find a burned out house. Make for good cover." I nod, his idea makes sense. Fallen are less then a minute out and closing fast. My ghost is getting nervous.

"Let's move," I say. "Leave the uplink active. We can draw them away with gunfire." We take off in a dead sprint towards the abandoned settlements as the Fallen enter the far side of the plain. They spot the uplink and head towards it. Can't let them scavenge our tech. I boost jump, turning in midair and fire off three quick shots. The Vision of Confluence thumps against my shoulder. Twisting as I descend, I land in a run and follow Zwazo into the settlement. I can hear the Fallen unleash battle cries. I think I got their attention.

We find shelter in one of the buildings. The front has been sheared off by bombings and time, leaving overturned tables. It will work for our needs. I crouch next to Zwazo behind a table and reload. He's checking the rounds in Fatebringer. My ghost begins to tell me how close the Fallen are when their movement pings on my radar. Six Fallen, two dregs, three vandals and a captain. I nod to Zwazo, this won't be an issue.

As the dregs pass by the opening, I toss a flash bang. It bounces once and then goes off. The dregs' bodies cartwheel off in different directions. Two down. Zwazo stands, Fatebringer barks and vandals fall. One left.  I vault the table bringing my shotgun to bear. As I the fit the stock in to the crook of my shoulder, I can't help but notice the inscription written down the barrel. Be the Bull. I chuckle and pull the trigger when the captain flashes across my HUD. The Matador roars and the the captain staggers away from me. Zwazo attaches a sticky grenade to the captain. Game. Set. Match.

We rifle through their bodies for glimmer and other materials. You never know. After picking up some engrams, we head back to the uplink and we're thinking the same thing. The Fallen weren't that difficult, maybe we can take them and move them off the river. "We need at least one more," Zwazo says. He's right. A fireteam of three will be enough.

"Let's check the uplink. See what Guardians are nearby," I reply. The next few minutes are spent checking Guardian profiles. Zwazo and I have standards. Gotta have fresh gear.
"This one doesn't have any exotic gear!" I exclaim. "Swipe right," Zwazo says. We send out a few messages and wait for a response. It's not looking good.
"Tower?" I ask Zwazo. He nods.
"Breakdown these engrams," he responds. I nod.

As we pass through low orbit and into space, my HUD blinks with an incoming message. It's MissezKitty.
"Me and Boston are headed towards Earth from the Reef. Where should we meet you?"
"Tower. We'll resupply and head back out," I reply.
"Roger that. See you shortly," She says. I nod to myself. Phreelancerz Clan is linking up.  

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