Jul 17, 2015

Random Thoughts pt 10: Creation

Building stuff is difficult. I don't mean that in the physical sense; I'm speaking mainly about the process of taking something in your head and making it a reality. People have all sorts of ideas, thoughts, and philosophies on the creative process, but when you get down to it, it's not easy.

I'm making a card game to go along with a certain challenge I put in front of myself recently. The creative process behind it has been interesting and more challenging than I thought it would be. Even with the help of a good friend, there have been some obstacles. I like the fact that once I told him my idea, he was all in, but now we find ourselves in the middle of a creation process that seems to go on exponentially the more effort we put into it.

There have been moments where we are thinking the same thing, and other times where our ideas are at polar opposites, but I think both scenarios are a good thing. We are working to make this product awesome, even if it's only for our friends. That drive towards and for perfection, while annoying at times, is the very reason we have come up with such great ideas. I think in the end, all of the stress and struggle will be worth it.

There will be a moment, that singular moment when we reveal our work, show what it is exactly that we have been creating. In that moment, we will reap the bounty of our harvest, so to speak. The looks on our friends faces will be the reward for our labor. It will signal that we did not toil in vain, but, in fact, made something that they love and cherish.

Also, it'll get them quite intoxicated and have them do very silly things... I can't wait!

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