Jul 6, 2015

Random Thoughts pt. 9

I'm not a betting man, at least when it comes to real money. I've been to a casino once, and after winning several hundred dollars from a slot machine early in the day, I was ready to go home. That being said, I love to place wagers on random things, especially over/under odds. Over/under odds feel like the best and most fun way to predict potential outcomes and add a humorous layer to social engagements. Here are a few I've done recently.

Black People at a Kenny Chesney Concert - over/under set at 6.5
While working the Kenny Chesney concert at AT&T Stadium, my buddy and I decided to pass the time counting black people. The rules were simple: how many black concert goers could we see without leaving our stand? Employees don't count. Must have double verification. You might be wondering about the .5, well, sometimes we see someone who might be black, or some other ethnicity, but we can't tell. Half credit. I picked the under and lost. We ended up seeing 14.5 black people. Go figure.

Reasonably priced parking in downtown Boston on the 4th of July - over/under set at 35%
My father claims that my family has special powers when it comes to finding parking spaces near events we attend. He calls it "Dashiell Luck." He says you have to believe in it for it to work. I'm an agnostic at best, but I may yet be converted. That day, I found parking in front of my buddy's apt on three separate occasions, once during the day, in the early evening, and then later at night. I parked at the Boston Common underground lot while we were downtown for the festivities and I found a spot on J.F.K. Street in Cambridge. Dashiell Luck indeed! I lost this one too. I was pretty convinced we wouldn't find parking. Obviously, I know nothing.

No longer liking our gaming buddies after meeting them in person - over/under set at 40%
Gage and I hung out with our gaming buddies, BostonWins and MissezKittyy on the 4th. Let me say first that it was awesome. Though, at one point, before we met them in the flesh, I remarked to Gage that it would suck if we met them and didn't like them. He laughed and asked me what the over/under would be for that chance. I said 40% and asked if he would take the over or the under. He said would take the line, meaning he agreed that 40% was an accurate percentage. We both laughed again and went back to playing video games.

How many views will this post generate - over/under set at 30
This one is up to you, dear reader. The last "Random Thoughts" post has generated 41 individual hits as of this update. Will this one do better?

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