Jul 20, 2015

Phreelancerz: Skolas's Revenge

I'm F@#ked.

Every alarm in my HUD is going off. I've been poisoned, my shield is down, and I'm low on ammo in my primary. I'm sprinting, running for my life across the Fallen arena. Sand kicks up in my wake, both from my sprint and from the Shanks and Dregs firing at my back. I duck in between rusted old ships, planes, I think they're called, centuries old Earth aircraft. Where does Variks find this stuff? A solar explosive goes off a few yards to my left and throw myself into a boost jump aimed at a ledge in the corner of the arena. I land in a crouch and slide into cover.

F@#%king Skolas.

My ghost informs me that the poison will kill me in twenty seconds. Typical. I'm not sure where Ti Zwazo, or FreakyBalloon are, possibly on the other side of the arena? It's hard to hear over the cacophony of Scorch Cannon shots Skolas is firing at me. I hear him laugh, it's a strange sound that grates on my ears. Why do Fallen sound so odd? Ten seconds left on the poison. I take a breath and exhale slowly, checking the clip in my Oversoul Edict. Nine rounds, that's three bursts.

 I can hear Fallen captains shouting and moving closer to my position. Skolas is trailing behind them. There is no way I'm going to survive this, and I'm not sure I care at this point. I ready a sticky grenade and lob it over the low wall I'm hiding behind. The grenade explodes twice; Dregs scream in pain. five seconds until the poison kills me. Might as well take a few of them with me. As I step from behind cover, readying Oversoul Edict, I ponder how I got into this situation.

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